The Coffee Club won The 2019 Best Employer of Thailand Award

If you are a coffee lover, you might heard the name ‘ The Coffee Club ‘ a coffee Brand of minor food. It’s not only represents a world-class coffee cafe that offers great customer experience, but it also provides the great working experience for employees.

The Coffee Club (Thailand) is one of the brands in Minor Food Group, that won ‘Thailand Best Employers Awards 2019”.  Suvat Kulphaichit, the GM of The Coffee Club (Thailand), received the award from the Minister of Labor of Thailand and the Country Head and partner of Kincentric Thailand

Thailand Best Employers Awards 2019” was originated for 18 consecutives. This award is intended to explore factors to improve competitive business advantages through human capital, moreover, to recognizing who is the best employers in the Asia-Pacific region. The award analyses four aspects: employee satisfaction, confidence level, agility of company in the period of change, and retention of talent. All four fields have been the main focus of human resources for The Coffee Club, a minor food brand, on a continuous basis.

This award underscores The Coffee Club (minor food Thailand franchise) commitment to caring for their workers and ensuring that employees get the best experience, including staff development, so they go beyond the limits because employees hold. Is the key to driving brand success.